TN Board Class 8 Maths Term 1

Tamilnadu - Math Term-1

The Tamil Nadu Class 8 Maths textbook are changed as per the new syllabus. So, students of Class 8 who are looking for Class 8 Maths Term 1 Solutions of Class textbook can access the same from here. These Solutions for the Class 8 have been prepared as per the latest syllabus pattern of Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education. Thus, by accessing our 8th Tamil Maths book 1st Term Solutions, you can very easily strengthen your Maths concepts and perform well in the exam.

The Class 8th Term 1 Maths textbook of Tamil Board introduces to students topics such as Real Number Systems, Measurements, Geometry and Practical Geometry. Each of these topics hold great significance not from the Class 8 point of view, but for higher classes as well. So, it gets important for the students to understand each of these topics in-depth and master the associated concepts, formulas and theorems.

After going through our Tamil Nadu Board Class 8 Maths Term 1 Solution, it will get easier for you to develop a profound understanding of the Maths topics. Using these Solutions, you can practice textbook problems on a regular basis, improve your concepts and strengthen your foundation into important Maths subject as a whole. Each problem has been solved using formulas in a step-by-step pattern to match the understanding level of the students. So, through the regular practice of our Tamil Board Maths Term 1 Solution, you can definitely enhance your Maths skills and perform excellently well in the final exams.

The benefits of our Tamil Nadu Class 8 Math Term-1 Solutions

  • Developed by expert teachers after conducting extensive research
  • Error-free Solutions comprising of detailed explanations of formulas and theorems
  • Help students resolve their doubts of difficult topics such as Measurements and Geometry
  • Perfect for practicing important Maths questions and scoring good marks in the exam
  • Provide in-depth knowledge of the Maths concepts and theorems
  • Strictly follows the Tamil Nadu Board curriculum, thereby proving to be handy study material for exam preparation


Given below are some of the questions that students come up with on regular basis in respect to Tamil Nadu Board Class 8 Maths Term 1 Solution. You can refer to them if you have any doubts regarding the Tamil Nadu Class 8 Maths Term 1 Solution.

What are the Chapters that are included in Class 8 Tamil Nadu Board Class 8 Maths Term 1 Solutions?

The Class 8 Maths Term 1 Solutions for the Tamil Nadu Board comprises of all the Chapters that are part of the Class 8 Maths syllabus. These include the following Chapters – Number Systems, Measurements, Geometry and Practical Geometry.

Can I use Class 8 Tamil Nadu Board Class 8 Maths Term 1 Solutions provided here for revision purpose?

Yes, you can definitely use our Class 8 Maths Solutions for revising difficult and important Maths topics before your Class 8 Maths exam. The solved problems provided here are easy to understand and can be practiced instantly topic-wise without having to waste much time. These solved problems enable you to understand the logic used to solve a particular question and develop your Maths aptitude. So, if you plan to revise important topics from our Solutions, then it can definitely help you fetch good score in the exam.  

Are these Solutions for Maths Class 8 follow the official guidelines and syllabus set for Class 8 Maths by the Tamil Board?

Yes, our Solutions for the Class 8 Maths Term 1 strictly follow the curriculum set for the Maths subject of Class 8. So, by referring to these Solutions, you can keep your exam preparation on track and be well prepared for the Maths exam.

Final Words

Scoring good marks at any stage of academics requires proper practice and continuous revision. So, students who want to excel in their Maths exam of Class 8th should make it a point to practice enough Maths questions using our Tamil Board Class 8 Maths Solutions.