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Answer :

(i) No animal can survive without water: True

Water is the major life support system for nature and all its elements.

However, the needs of various such elements differ. Some animals need more water while some need less of it. Example: Camels

(ii) Deserts are endless sand dunes: False

Deserts are not only endless seas of sand dunes but consist of rocky or pebbly, dotted with small bushes while some are sprinkled with colourful flowers during the spring.

(iii) Most snakes are harmless: True

As mentioned in the text, most of the snakes are harmless while there are a few which are so poisonous that they can kill a human being with just a single bite.

(iv) Snakes cannot hear, but they can feel vibrations through the ground: True

Snakes sense the presence of things near them through the vibrations coming from their movement on the ground. Example - Although it can sense the movement of a human being through the vibrations on the ground, if the same human being shouts, the snake would not hear it.

(v) Camels store water in their humps: False

The hump on a Camel’s body acts as a storage container which is full of fat and not water. This fat helps in the nourishment of the Camel when food is scarcely available.

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