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Suggest measures to check soil erosion by rivers.

Answer :

Soil erosion by rivers can be checked by:

(i) Planting Trees: One of the most effective ways to control soil erosion is by planting trees or other vegetation along the shores of rivers. Trees also control the direction of winds, and the roots bind the soil to prevent it from being washed away by water.

(ii) Building Dams: Dams or walls can be built to control the direction of the river and prevent surface run-off of soil and prevent flooding of riverbanks and control landslides.

(iii) Prevent land degradation: Land degradation should be prevented in order to control soil erosion . It includes afforestation or re-planting of trees after they are cut for timber to bind the soil, contour cropping, preventing excessive grazing etc.

(iv) Controlled Agriculture: Practicing agriculture in a controlled way by contour cropping, well planned irrigational methods to prevent washing away of fertile top soil, use of eco-friendly fertilizers to control acidic content of the soil, etc. helps to reduce soil erosion.

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