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Suggest an idea to convert a full wave bridge rectifier to a half wave rectifier by changing the connecting wire/s. Draw the diagram and explain your answer.

Answer :

Wave rectifier is used to convert the ac voltage source into dc voltage source. The p-n junction diode and step-down transformer are used to form the rectifier. The full wave bridge rectifier uses four diodes to rectify the ac voltage.

The circuit diagram is shown below:

The circuit can be changed into the half wave rectifier by removing the diodes D2 and D4 because they are responsible for rectifying the voltage when it is in negative cycle. When these two diodes will be removed the positive cycle of ac voltage will be rectified by diodes D1 and D3 as they are in forward bias. The output received will be due to these two diodes only and it will be similar to the half wave rectifier output.

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