Answer :

(a) We do not find inscriptions for the period after 700 (False)

We do find inscriptions for the period after 700. An old inscription was found in Kandahar, present-day Afghanistan, dated about 2250 years ago.

(b) The Marathas asserted their political importance during this period (True)

During this period many groups of people become politically important and Marathas was one of them.

(c) Forest-dwellers were sometimes pushed out of their lands with the spread of agricultural settlements (True)

Changes in the habitat system forced forest-dwellers to migrate.

(d) Sultan Ghiyasuddin Balban controlled Assam, Manipur and Kashmir (False)

Sultan Ghiyasuddin Balban controlled the area of Bengal in the east to Ghazni in Afghanistan in the west and all the South India.

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