Answer :

(a) False

Substances are classified into three categories. Those which are not acidic or basic comes under category of neutral substances.

(b) False

The fact given is not necessary. It actually depends on the nature of indicator. For example: phenolphthalein gives colourless mixture with acids.

(c) True

Lime water is basic in nature and hence turns red litmus to blue.

(d) False

The mixture of common salt with water is neutral and does not change color of litmus.

(e) False

Phenolphthalein is human made or artificial indicator.

(f) True

Reason: Calamine is basic in nature. Ant sting release methanoic acid in the sting area which creates irritation. Calamine being a base can undergo neutralization reaction with this acid to destroy its effect.

(g) False

Lemon water tastes sour and hence it is acidic in nature.

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