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Spot as many organisms as possible in the puzzle given as Figure 1.2 by encircling them as shown. Write the names on a sheet of paper and categorise them into autotrophs and heterotrophs. Classify the heterotrophs into herbivores, carnivores, omnivores and saprophytes.

Answer :

First Column: Crow ( Heterotroph, Carnivore )

Second Row: Bhindi ( Autotroph)

Third row: ginger ( Autotroph)

Fourth row: Cow ( heterotroph, herbivore )

Fifth row: Mushroom ( heterotroph, Saprophyte )

Sixth Row/Third last row: Elephant ( heterotroph, herbivore )

Last row: Carrot, Tulsi ( Autotroph )

First Column: Banyan ( Autotroph )

Second Column: Rabbit ( heterotroph, herbivore )

Seventh Column: tiger ( heterotroph, carnivore )

Eighth Column/fourth column from right: Cow ( heterotroph, herbivore )

Second column from right: Mice ( heterotroph, omnivore)

First column from right: Fox ( heterotroph, carnivore )

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