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Sometimes people make prejudiced comments in our presence. We are often not in a position to do anything about this because it is difficult to say something right then and there. Divide the class into groups and each group discuss what they could do in one of the following situations:

a. A friend begins to tease a classmate because he is poor.

b. You are watching TV with your family and one of them makes a prejudicial comment about a particular religious community.

c. Children in your class refuse to share their food with a particular person because they think she is dirty.

d. Someone tells you a joke that makes fun of a community because of their accent.

e. Some boys make remarks about girls not being able to play games as well as them.

Discuss in class what the different groups have suggested for the above situations, and also talk about the problems that can come up when raising the issue.

Answer :

a) Mocking someone because of their weak financial status is not a healthy thing to do. We should learn to respect people for who they are rather than making fun of them.

b) India is a multidimensional country and is known for its religious harmony and sovereignty. This is our power and we should not hurt the sentimentalities and

c) We all are created by the God and God has made us unique in different ways. Therefore, not sharing food with someone will hurt God also.

d) India has a rich diversity and this is our beauty. People living in different regions have their specific culture, language, and accent. We should not make fun or joke of this exclusivity and learn to adore and respect it.

e) Boys and girls have different physical attributes and everybody can’t be good at everything. Some girls may not be good at sports, but they may have other talents. Some may good at painting, learning, music etc. So, we should not make remarks on them for not being good at something. Rather we should encourage them in what they are good at.

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