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Solve this crossword puzzle with the help of given clues:


6. An Indian tree having extraordinary quality of providing oxygen round the clock

8. Gas present in atmosphere occupying only 0.03% by volume

11. Outermost layer of atmosphere

12. Mixture of many gases

14. Life giving gas

15. Air in motion

16. An Indian tree valued highly for medicinal properties

18. Gas protecting us from harmful sunrays

19. Low pressure area


1. Amount of water vapor in air

2. Condensation of water vapors around

dust particles in atmosphere

3. Example of local wind blowing in summer in northern India

4. Short term changes in atmosphere

5. Precipitation in liquid form

7. Blanket of air around the earth

9. Instrument to measure pressure

10. Incoming solar radiation

13. Reduces visibility in winters

17. It is ....... time when sun is overhead

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