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Solve the cross-word puzzle gi9ven as Fig. 2.1 from the clues given below.


1. Lack of nutrients in our diet over a long period causes these diseases (10)

2. Rice and potato are rich in this type of carbohydrate (6)

3. Deficiency disease in bones making it become soft and bent (7)

4. The diet that provides all the nutrients that our body needs, in right quantites, along with adequate amount of roughage and water (8. 4)

5. Deficiency disease with bleeding gums (6)

6. Disease caused due to deficiency of iodine (6)


7. Starch and sugar in our food are rich in this type of energy giving nutrient (13)

8. The term given to the useful components of food (9)

9. The disease caused by deficiency of iron in diet (7)

10. Green leafy vegetables, liver and apples are rich in this mineral (4)

11. Deficiency disease caused due to lack of vitamin B1 in the diet (8)

Answer :

1. Deficiency

2. Starch

3. Rickets

4. Balanced diet

5. Scurvy

6. Goiter

7. Carbohydrates

8. Nutrients

9. Ammonia

10. Iron

11. Beri-beri

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