Q. 7

Several poor people in the city work as domestic servants as well as work for the Corporation, keeping the city clean. Yet the slums in which they live are quite filthy. This is because these slums seldom have any water and sanitation facilities. The reason often given by the Municipal Corporation is that the land in which the poor have set up their homes does not belong to them and that slum-dwellers do not pay taxes. However people living in middle class neighbourhoods pay very little in taxes compared to the amount of money the corporation spends on them in setting up parks, street lighting facilities, regular garbage collection etc. Also as you read in this chapter, the property taxes collected by the Municipality makes up only 25-30 per cent of its money. Why do you think it is important that the Corporation should spend more money on slum localities? Why is it important that the Municipal Corporation provide the poor in the city with the same facilities that the rich get?

Answer :

Every city has slum areas where poor people live. The poor people often work as domestic helps in the rich houses, yet they are untidy and live in poor conditions. Therefore, Municipal Corporation should provide better sanitation facilities to these people, because they are exposed to rich households. They can transport diseases to the places they go to work, and can spread diseases to all sections of society.

Also, cleanliness is a healthy practice and if the poor are given healthy environment, their condition can be improved. Our constitution has provided equal rights and opportunities to all irrespective of their social status, hence they should be given good facilities to improve their social and financial wellbeing.

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