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Answer :

1.1 (a) The name given by the locals to the ancient Amphitheatre at Casterbridge was The Ring at Casterbridge. It is one of the finest bridges that are remaining in Britain.

(b) The attitude of the local residents to the unearthed remains of dead Romans was that according to them it was not possible to dig more than a foot or two. It was spread in the area of fifteen hundred years, so it was impossible to dig without coming upon tall soldier or other of the Empire. They were unmoved by the shapes and were living between them.

(c) The theatre was a huge circular enclosure but was melancholy, impressive and lonely. It was accessible from every part of the circle. It was used for appointments. Sanguinary games were played in the theatre. But later on because of few deaths, tragedies, and murders, games have been stopped in that theatre.

(d) Some boys tried using the central arena for playing cricket. But there were various unfortunate circumstances which made them stop playing cricket in that ground. Few of them were the dismal privacy which the earthen circle enforced, shutting out every appreciative passer's vision, and every commendatory remark from outsiders - everything, except the sky.

(e) Henchard was the Mayor of the town. He was enjoying a good reputation and wants to continue to keep it up. So, in order to maintain the dignity of his position, he wants to keep secret his meeting with his long-lost wife and could not invite her to come to his house till some definite course had been decided on.

1.2 (a) Ans. b

‘Concealed’ means to keep secret or hidden. ‘Silent’ means not making or accompanied by any sound, ‘dead’ means lacking emotion, sympathy, or sensitivity, and ‘lonely’ means without companions; solitary.

(b) (c)

‘Hoary’ means overused and unoriginal; trite. Thus, the word similar in meaning to the given word is ‘ancient’. ‘Unimaginative’ means not readily using or demonstrating the use of the imagination; stolid and somewhat dull. ‘Buried’ means placed or hidden underground. ‘Ancient’ means belonging to the very distant past and no longer in existence and ‘mummified’ means to dry up a body and so preserve it.

(c) Ans. (c)

Solution: Pugilist is a fancy word for a boxer, one who indulges in the noble art of pugilism, or fighting with one's fists. ‘Vindictive’ means having or showing a strong or unreasoning desire for revenge.

(d) Ans. (b)

‘Secluded’ means (of a place) not seen or visited by many people; sheltered and private, ‘hidden’ means kept out of sight; concealed.

(e) Ans. (a)

‘Sanguinary’ means involving or causing much bloodshed, ‘peculiar’ means different to what is normal or expected; ‘strange’ means unusual or surprising; difficult to understand or explain, ‘blood-thirsty’ means having or showing a desire to kill and maim and ‘vampire’ means a corpse supposed to leave its grave at night to drink the blood of the living by biting their necks with long pointed canine teeth.

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