RD Sharma Class 10 Chapter 15 (Areas Related to Circles) Solutions


RD Sharma Class 10 Chapter-15 ‘Areas Related to Circles’ require you to have a prior understanding of some basic concepts of circles, such as the area and the perimeter of a circle. Moving forward, you will learn to find the area of a sector and a segment with the help of respective formulas.

These formulas will also come to play when you find the areas of some combined plane figures. For instance, you will come across questions that ask you to find the area of drain covers, flower beds, table covers, and window designs.      

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Chapter 15 - Areas Related to Circles

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Chapter 3 - Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
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Chapter 15 - Areas Related to Circles
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Class 10th RD Sharma

Formulas of Areas Related to Circles Class 10 | RD Sharma

  1. Circumference of a circle = 2πr
  2. Area of a circle = πr2
  3. Length of an arc of a  sector of a circle with radius r and angle 𝛉 = (𝛉/360) x 2πr
  4. Area of a sector of a circle with radius r and angle 𝛉 = (𝛉/360) x πr2
  5. Area of the segment of a circle = Area of the corresponding sector - Area of the corresponding triangle

Concepts in RD Sharma Class 10 Chapter-15

Chapter-15 introduces you to two new formulas- the area of sector and area of the segment of a circle. Next comes the calculation of area of combined figures or area of the shaded region. In case you are stuck in any question or unable to find the accurate answer, you can take help from RD Sharma Solutions provided above. 

Below are the key concepts of Chapter-15 RD Sharma Class 10 Maths.

  1. Perimeter and Area of a Circle
  2. Areas of Sector and Segment of a Circle
  3. Areas of Combinations of Plane Figures