RD Sharma Class 10 Chapter 11 (Constructions) Solutions


Using the previous knowledge of the constructions, you will first learn to divide a line segment in the given ratio m:n. The second type of construction of Chapter 11 RD Sharma Class 10 tells you the method of constructing a triangle similar to a given triangle by following the scale factor. 

The third construction of Chapter-11 explains the method of constructing a pair of tangents to a circle from an external point. There are three exercises in this chapter; each covers the questions related to the first, second, and the third construction, respectively. 

RD Sharma Class 10 Chapter 11 (Constructions) Solutions

Exercise 11.1
  • Exercise 11.1
  • Exercise 11.2
  • Exercise 11.3
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Important Theorems of Constructions Class 10 | RD Sharma

In this chapter, you will attempt the following constructions.

Construction 1: Dividing a given line segment in the ratio m:n

Construction 2: Construction of a triangle having equal corresponding sides to that of the given triangle. In other words, you will consider the scale factor to construct a new triangle with the help of an existing one. 

Construction 3: Construction of a pair of tangents to a circle from an external point.

Concepts in RD Sharma Class 10 Chapter-11

By following the right method and steps of construction, you can achieve high marks in this chapter. Solutions of Chapter-11 RD Sharma Class 10 can provide you with an ample amount of practice and can help you clear your concepts. 

1. Introduction

2. Division of a Line Segment in a Given Ratio

3. Construction of Tangents to a Circle