RD Sharma Class 10 Chapter 10 (Circles) Solutions


RD Sharma Class 10 Chapter-10 Circles revolves around two theorems related to a tangent. The first theorem states that when you draw a tangent at any point of a circle, then it will become perpendicular to the radius at the common point. Develop an in-depth understanding of this theorem by practicing questions from the first exercise. 

According to the second theorem, when we draw a couple of tangents from an external point to a circle, then they both are equal. To master this theorem, you will find a lot of questions to build your understanding level in the second exercise of Chapter-10 RD Sharma Class 10 textbook. 

RD Sharma Class 10 Chapter 10 (Circles) Solutions

Exercise 10.1
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Important Theorems of Circles Class 10 | RD Sharma

Theorem 1: A tangent drawn at any point of the circle is said to be perpendicular to the radius at their meeting point. 

Theorem 2: A pair of tangents drawn from an external point to a circle are said to be equal in length. 

Concepts in RD Sharma Class 10 Chapter-10

Chapter 10 ‘Circles’ of RD Sharma Class 10 begins with the definition of a tangent. Having understood the concept of a tangent, you can easily understand and implement the theorems accordingly. If you are stuck in any question, then take help from RD Sharma Solutions provided above. 

You will cover the following concepts in this textbook.

  1. Introduction
  2. Tangent to a Circle
  3. Number of Tangents from a Point on a Circle