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Question numbers 4(a) - 4(d) are based on the two tables given below. Study these tables related to blood sugar levels and answer the questions that follow.

(a) Refer to Table B showing the blood report of the levels of glucose of patients X and Y. Infer the disease which can be diagnosed from the given data.

(b) Identify the hormone whose level in the blood is responsible for the above disease.

(c) Which one of the following diets would you recommended to the affected patient?

i) High sugar and low fat diet.

ii) Low sugar and high protein diet.

iii) High Fat and low fiber diet.

iv) Low sugar and high fiber diet.

(d) Refer to the Table A and suggest the value of the mean blood glucose level beyond which doctor’s advice is necessary:

i) 180 mg/dL

ii) 115 mg/dL

iii) 50 mg/dL

iv) 80 mg/dL

Answer :

(a) The disease which can be diagnosed from the given data is Diabetes. In this, blood glucose level is too high than normal.

(b) The hormone whose level in the blood is responsible for the above disease is both high levels of glucagon and lower levels of insulin. The level of glucagon is high in a diabetic patient while the beta cells of the pancreas secrete less insulin (responsible for signaling the liver to store excess glucose in form of glycogen).

(c) Since the person is diabetic, she should not be eating a high sugar diet. Also, through the process of Gluconeogenesis, Fats and Proteins can also be converted into glucose which may increase the blood glucose levels as well. Hence, we would recommend her to take a iv) Low sugar and high fiber diet.

(d) The value of the mean blood glucose level beyond which doctor’s advice is necessary is i) 180mg/dL.

An ideal blood glucose level should be something between 50mg/dL to 180mg/dL.

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