Q. 6

In Fig. given below, find the area of ΔGEF.

Answer :

Given that,

ABCD is rectangle

CD = 6 cm

AB = 6 cm (opp. sides of rectangle)

AD = 8 cm

We know that,

If a rectangle and a parallelogram are on the same base and between the same parallels, then the area of a triangle is equal to the half of parallelogram

Δ GEF and parallelogram ABCD are on the same base and between same parallels.

Area of parallelogram = Base × Height


Area Δ GEF = 1/2 × Area of ABCD

= 1/2 × AB × AD

= 1/2 × 6× 8

= 24 cm2


Hence area Δ GEF is 24 cm2.

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