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The equation of the plane which makes with the coordinate axes, a triangle with centroid (α, β, γ) is given by

A. αx + βy + γz = 1

B. αx + βy + γz = 3



Answer :

Given: Centroid of triangle is (α, β, γ)

To find: Equation of plane.

Formula Used: Equation of plane is where (x, y, z) is a point on the plane and a, b, c are intercepts on x-axis, y-axis and z-axis respectively.

Centroid of a triangle


Let the equation of plane be

… (1)

Therefore, A = 3α, B = 3β, C = 3γ where (a, b, c) is the centroid of the triangle with vertices (A, 0, 0), (0, B, 0) and (0, 0, C)

Substituting in (1),

Here a = α, b = β and c = γ

Therefore equation of required plane is

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