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Two right circular cylinder of equal volume have their height in the ratio 1:2. What is the ratio of their radii?

Answer :

Let the two cylinders be with volume V1 and V2 with their respective radii and height as r1, r2 and h1, h2

Now given ratio of their heights i.e. h1:h2 = 1:2

h1/h2 = 1/2

Volume of cylinder = πr2h

Given that volumes of both cylinder are equal i.e. V1 = V2

π × r12 × h1 = π × r22 × h2

h1/h2 = r22/ r12

r22/ r12 = 1/2

r2/r1 = 1/√2

r1/r2 = √2/1

Therefore the ratio of their radii is r1:r2 = √2:1

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