Q. 19

Math the following columns:

The correct answer is:

(a)-……, (b)-……, (c)-……., (d)-……

Answer :

a) In ∆ABC, A=70°

As AB = AC and we know that angles opposite to equal sides are equal

In triangle ABC,

A + B + C = 180o

70o + 2 C = 180o

2 C = 180o – 70o

C =

C = 55o

(b) We know that,

Angles opposite to equal sides are equal

It is given that, vertical angle of the isosceles triangle = 120o

Let the base angle be x

120° + x + x = 180°

120° + 2x = 180°

2x = 180° – 120°

2x = 60°

x =

x = 30°

Hence, each base angle of the isosceles triangle is equal to 30o

(c) We know that,

The sum of the three medians of the triangle is always less than the perimeter

(d) We know that,

In a triangle the sum of any two sides is always greater than the third side

Hence, the correct match is as follows:

(a) – (s)

(b) – (r)

(c) – (p)

(d) – (q)

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