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A hemispherical bowl of diameter 36 cm contains liquid. This liquid is filled into 72 cylindrical bottles of diameter 6 cm. Find the height of each bottle if 10% of liquid is wasted in this transfer.

Answer :

Given: Diameter of bowl = 36 cm

Diameter of bottle = 6 cm

To find: height of each bottle.

Formula Used:

Volume of the cylinder = πr2h

The volume of hemisphere =


Given ,internal diameter of the bowl ,D = 36 cm

radius of the bowl,

As we know that volume of the hemisphere

So, the volume of the hemispherical bowl

Diameter of the cylindrical bottle, d = 6 cm

radius of the bottle,

Let the height of the bottle be h cm.

Volume of each bottle =

As given that the liquid is filled in 72 bottles and 10% liquid is wasted in the transfer.

90% of volume of the liquid = 72×voume of each bottle

Hence, the height of each water bottle = 5.4 cm

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