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In the figure 1.44, X is any point in the interior of triangle. Point X is joined to vertices of triangle. Seg PQ || seg DE, seg QR || seg EF. Fill in the blanks to prove that, seg PR || seg DF.

Proof : IN

(Basic proportionality theorem)


(converse of basic proportionality theorem)

Answer :

Proof: In ΔXDE, PQ||DE….. (Given)


(Basic proportionality theorem)

In ΔXDE, QR||EF …….(Given)

………(II) (Basic Proportionality Theorem)

……… from (I) and (II)

seg PR||Seg DE ………..

(converse of basic proportionality theorem)

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In the following figure, seg BE seg AB and seg BA seg AD. If BE = 6 and AD = 9, find .

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