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Provide one word answer to the statements given below.

1. Joint which allow movement in all directions.

2. Hard structure that forms the skeleton.

3. Part of the body with a fixed joint.

4. Help in the movement of body by contraction and relaxation.

5. Bones that join with chest bone at one end to the backbone at the other end.

6. Framework of bones which gives shape to our body.

7. Bones which enclose the organs of our body that lie below the abdomen.

8. Joint where our neck joints the head.

9. Part of the skeleton that forms the earlobe.

Answer :

1. Ball and socket joint

2. Bones

3. Upper jaw with skull

4. Muscles

5. Ribs

6. Skeleton

7. Pelvic bone

8. Pivotal joint

9. Cartilage

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