CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 Science


Previous Year Question Papers indicate the kind of questions that can be asked in the upcoming exams. You will also get an idea about the exam pattern and syllabus of the exam after analysing previous year question paper. Further, attempting the previous year question paper help candidates in practising for the exam well and also boosting up your speed and accuracy. Develop time-management skills, work on your weak areas by solving the previous year question papers.

So, to help you in scoring good marks in the final 12th board exam, we are providing you with top-notch CBSE Science Previous Year Question Papers Solutions for Class 12. You will find solutions for every textbook of Science that is prescribed by CBSE for Class 12.

Crafted by our team of experienced subject mentors, these solutions help you in understanding the level of the question paper of Class 12th Board exams. These CBSE Previous Year Question Paper further, allows students in boosting their knowledge and enhancing their problem-solving skills.

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 Science

Book solutions for CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12
CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12

Solving previous year question papers is an efficient way to prepare yourself for the board exams. These solutions serve as the right study material for the students that help them in quick revision of the subject. Moreover, these solutions also assist students in balancing the speed with accuracy in the board exams. Refer to these solutions for knowing your weak and strong topics of the subject.

Key Highlights of CBSE Previous Year Paper Science for Class 12

  • The simple and easy to understand solutions provided by our team are complete in all respects and help students in fetching more marks in the exam.
  • Prepared in accordance with the latest official syllabus, these solutions cover the entire syllabus of the exam.
  • You will find the detailed answers to all the questions in our solutions in a well-structured and concise way.
  • With the help of these solutions, you can prepare for the 12th board exams and also for competitive exams.
  • You can access these CBSE previous year question paper for Science of Class 12th at free of cost!


Some of the frequently asked questions regarding CBSE previous year question paper Science for Class 12 are provided below:

Can I score good marks just by cramming previous year question papers of Class 12?

The simple answer to this question is Yes. You can score good marks in the exam by adopting the right strategy and guidance. Further, the best way to score good marks in the 12 board exams is by following the right approach and planning your preparation for the exam in the right direction.

Also, a complete understanding of the syllabus and the topics of the subjects can help you in solving the questions quickly and easily. Hence, it is also important to practice a plethora of questions to enhance your overall performance in the exams. For that, you must refer to CBSE Science previous year question papers Solutions for Class 12 to master the subject thoroughly.

Solving previous year papers can help students in knowing the weak and strong areas of the subject and on the areas in which you need to put more emphasis. You can also clear your concepts by practicing the questions for enhancing problem-solving skills.

Where to find answers to the questions of CBSE previous year papers Science stream for Class 12th?

If you are looking for solved CBSE previous year question papers for Science stream subject of Class 12, then this is the best platform to get the solutions for the same. Here we are providing solutions for CBSE previous year papers crafted by experts subject mentors.

We have classified these solutions year-wise, which will assist students in practicing the questions easily. Based on the official latest syllabus prescribed by CBSE, these solutions for Science for Class 12 can improve your score in the exam.

After completing the syllabus, which one should I opt for - Mock Test or Previous Year Question Papers?

By practicing mock test and previous year question papers before the exam, you can revise the complete syllabus of the exam in a quick time. But by solving the previous year papers, you can get a fair idea about the exam pattern, type of questions that are asked in the exam and the difficulty level of the exam. Further, previous year papers can provide the experience of actual examination, thereby boosting your self-confidence and enhancing your problem-solving skills.

Thus, by practicing and solving the previous year papers of Science of Class 12, you can score higher marks in the exams. With the help of these CBSE Science previous year question papers Solutions for Class 12, you can strengthen your concepts and can also get an idea of the questions asked in the board exams.

Final Words

For scoring good marks in the 12th board exam, it is important to solve previous year question papers. As consistent practice can help students in understanding the level of the exam, knowing the question pattern and also enhancing problem-solving skills. Get to know your weak and strong points and with the practice of question papers and further, master them thoroughly.