CBSE Class 12 Political Science Question Papers with Solutions

Political Science - Board Papers

Political Science in CBSE class 12th deals with the study of the government system and scrutiny of politics with reference to thoughts, behaviour and activities. The subject offers excellent scope in the future and is therefore regarded as one of the most important for Humanities students. So, scoring well in this subject becomes extremely crucial for students who wish to have a fulfilling career in Political Science.

To assist students, prepare well for the board exam, we have made available CBSE class 12 Political Science previous year question papers. These question papers have been solved by our expert teachers in accordance with the CBSE guidelines. By practicing these solved previous year board papers, you can easily understand the exam pattern and the type of questions that follow in the board exam. Also, by solving previous year papers regularly, you can improve your question-solving speed and accuracy.

So, just browse CBSE class 12 Political Science previous year papers for the 2016-2019 from below to give a strong push to your board exam preparation.

These previous year papers for Political Science not only help you understand the nature of exam preparation, rather help you form a strategy to tackle difficult questions in the exam. Thus, by solving class 12 previous year papers of Political Science, you can definitely score excellent marks in your Political Science Board exam.

Benefits of Our CBSE Class 12 Political Science Previous Year Papers

  • By Solving our previous year question papers for Political Science, you can get a clear idea about the important topics to be prepared for the exam.
  • These last 3-year board question papers give a thorough understanding of the Political Science question paper pattern along with weightage of marks.
  • By practicing these CBSE Previous year papers, you can get aware of your weaknesses and areas where you need to focus more.
  • Helps you learn new techniques of solving difficult questions correctly and in quick time.
  • These solved previous year papers for CBSE class 12 are available for free of cost and can be accessed easily from anywhere.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best strategy to prepare for CBSE class 12 Political Science?

To prepare for the Political Science exam in the most effective way, go through each and every topic of your class textbook. Focus on studying from your class textbook only and do not look for any reference book as it can lead to confusion.

Once, you have completed the textbook, you can simply practice previous year question papers to get a fair idea about the type of questions that could be asked in the exam. By regularly practicing class 12 Political Science previous year question papers, you can improve your question-solving speed, grow your confidence and score better marks in the exam.

I'm in class 12, what is the right time to practice Political Science previous year question papers?

The best time to practice previous year question papers for Political Science is when you have thoroughly prepared each chapter in the syllabus. So, the right time could be 1 month before the exam. By starting solving previous year question papers from one month before your Board exam, you can greatly enhance the quality of your exam preparation. Solving previous year papers would help you revise the whole Political Science syllabus in quick time and perform exceptionally well in the Board exam.

How do I score good marks in Humanities with Maths as an optional subject in class 12?

The Humanities stream of class 12th comprises of subjects such as Political Science, History and Philosophy. Each of these subjects is theory based which you should first read in order to understand the concepts and important definitions. Once, you read all the chapters thoroughly, make sure to write your own notes for the exam. Also, if you want to write answers effectively in the exam, you can practice previous year questions. By solving previous year board question papers, you can get a proper idea of the exam pattern and it will get easier for you to plan your exam preparation and score well in the exam.

Final Words

The best and most effective way to prepare for the Political Science exam is by understanding the exam pattern and revise the syllabus thoroughly. By attempting to solve Political Science previous year papers, you can very easily achieve this objective and score well in your board exam.