CBSE Class 12 History Question Papers with Solutions

History - Board Papers

CBSE class 12 History previous year questions papers are available here for students of Humanities stream. These question papers for class 12 board have been solved by expert History teachers in accordance with the CBSE guidelines. So, by accessing and practicing these previous year History question papers, you can get a fair idea about the nature of questions that could be asked in the upcoming board exam of 2019.

We provide CBSE class 12 History question papers to assist students to prepare effectively for the History exam. Being a theoretical subject, History comprises of lengthy topics which need to be comprehended properly to answer the questions. So, by practicing question papers of the year 2016, 2017, and 2019, students can focus on important topics that are repeated in the exam.

Besides, these solved History question papers can help you learn to frame your answers in a proper manner for scoring better marks. Helpful in board exam preparation, you can get a proper idea of marking scheme of the exam by practicing previous year questions papers.

Class 12 questions papers of History subject also give a proper idea of the changing trends of the syllabus and the exam pattern. This, in turn, helps students strategize their exam preparation properly and perform in the History board exam to the best of their potential.

Benefits of our CBSE Class 12 History previous year papers

  • Helps you analyze the level of exam and the type of questions asked in the History exam
  • Assists you in understanding the specific and important points expected in a question
  • In short practicing past year History question papers improve your exam preparation
  • Going through previous year History question papers helps you to know the topics where you need to concentrate the most.
  • CBSE class 12 History previous year question papers would help you know your conceptual weakness and focus on improving the same.
  • Through regular practice of previous year papers, you develop your answer writing skills.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How should I plan to study history for CBSE class 12 board exams?

History is a theoretical subject which requires meticulous preparation for scoring good marks. So, it is important that you prepare notes of every topic from each chapter. Mainly, it is important that you read your NCERT textbook properly and read the chapters thoroughly.

Once, you have completed the History syllabus, practice and solve previous year question papers. By attempting CBSE class 12
th History question papers, you can greatly improve your exam preparation and score better marks henceforth.

Which are the best reference books for CBSE class 12?

The very fact that History cannot be changed makes the significance of reference books less important. Since all books almost comprise of similar text, it is best to prepare the syllabus from NCERT History textbook.

Also, it is a good idea to practice class 12 CBSE History previous year papers to revise the syllabus and develop your question-solving skills. This way, you can very easily go on and score good marks in your class 12 History board exams.

What should I do first, practice CBSE class 12 History previous year papers or NCERT textbook solutions?

To score well in class 12 of CBSE board, it is important to study with consistency, perseverance and dedication. All you need to do is study History from the right source and with the right approach. So, start your exam preparation with basic knowledge by thoroughly reading NCERT textbook of History.

Additionally, you can refer to NCERT textbook solutions to better understand the text and resolve your existing doubts. Lastly, to brush up your exam preparation, you can solve the last 5 to 10-year History question papers. By following this sequence of exam preparation, you can definitely score excellent marks in your CBSE class 12 History exam.

Final Words

History is a subject that is static in nature and comprises of topics that require proper reading and preparation time. So, it is important to follow a proper study routine while preparing for the History subject. Therefore, by practicing class 12 History previous year papers, you can greatly improve your exam preparation. Previous year papers help you analyze exam pattern, better understand the exam difficulty level and focus on improving answer writing skills.