CBSE Class 12 Geography Question Papers with Solutions

Geography - Board Papers

CBSE class 12 Geography previous year question papers can prove to be an essential study resource for board exam preparation. Students can refer to our Geography previous year papers for CBSE class 12 to better understand the exam pattern. Also, by practicing Geography previous year board papers solved by us, students can do a thorough revision of the syllabus.

Further, these question papers provide students with the ability to tackle difficult questions in Geography exam with ease to improve their overall performance.

Geography is a subject which requires students to study Maps, location-based topics and definitions. However, students often make the mistake of memorizing important topics rather than understanding the concept. But in reality, Geography is a subject which you just cannot mug up, rather need to understand each topic carefully. So, for this purpose, you can solve CBSE class 12 Geography previous year papers. By solving these question papers in a time-bound manner, you will get used to the pressure of taking a real exam.

Important Tips to Follow for Practicing CBSE Class 12 Previous Year Papers

  • Make sure to go through the whole paper thoroughly
  • Create a proper study plan and take out time to attempt at least 5-10 previous year papers before the exam
  • Create a timeline in advance and decide which question to attempt first and which one to leave
  • In case you do not know the answer to a particular question, just skip the question.
  • Always attempt questions only when you are sure of the answer
  • Once you have completed solving the previous year question paper, check the amount of time taken to solve the paper.
  • Analyze your mistakes and make sure to not repeat the same mistake again

Benefits of practicing class 12 previous year papers

  • Going through and practicing previous year Geography paper will help you understand the changes in the exam pattern.
  • By solving our Geography previous year papers, you can understand the nature and pattern of the exam very well.
  • When you solve Geography previous year papers, you can very well analyze the time spent on solving the question paper
  • Moreover, these previous year question papers will help you get aware of the type of questions that you can expect in the upcoming Geography board exam.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find CBSE previous years' question papers for class XII along with their solutions?

The class 12 Geography exam will be conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education in the month of March. So, students who are in search of previous years' question papers can simply browse the same from our website. The best online exam preparation platform for students, we provide Geography previous year papers that have been solved by our experts. So, students can refer to our CBSE class 12 Geography papers of the past year and prepare effectively for the exam.

Can I score 90%+ marks in class 12 Geography by practicing previous year papers?

To score good marks in Geography, you need to read the NCERT textbook carefully. Almost every question in the exam is asked from NCERT. So, make sure that you read the Geography NCERT textbook twice and thrice to thorough your concept. Additionally, you can practice previous year questions papers provided by us to get a fair idea of the exam pattern. Also, by solving last year question paper, you can greatly enhance your question-solving speed and accuracy as well.

Can these previous year Geography question for class 12 be accessed for free of cost?

Yes, you can access these previous year question papers for Geography for free of cost. Also, you can practice our previous year board papers anytime and from anywhere Solved by expert Geography teachers, previous year papers provided by us can prove quite useful for exam preparation. So, just access CBSE 12th class Geography board papers from here and give yourself the best opportunity to score higher marks in the exam.

Final Words

CBSE class 12 Geography previous year question papers are highly useful for examination preparation. By solving these question papers, you can get a fair idea about the nature of questions as well as their difficulty level. These papers also help you know of the paper marking scheme which can help you evaluate your preparation and figure out the exact marks which you may get after solving the paper.