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Poor rural laborers like Thulasi often do not have access to good medical facilities, good schools, and other resources. You have read about inequality in the first unit of this text. The difference between her and Ramalingam is one of inequality. Do you think this is a fair situation? What do you think can be done? Discuss in class.

Answer :

  1. The situation presented in the chapter is not at all fair. On one hand, we have Ramalingam who owns huge land and also owns a rice mill. His living conditions are very good, he can afford to send his children to good schools and can fulfil every requirement of his family members.
  2. While, Thulasi on the other hand is forced to work on Ramalingam’s land to provide basic services to her family. When she was young she could easily work on the paddy fields, but with age she finds it hard to bend down for longer hours during the day.
  3. The government can offer schemes for the betterment of the landless farmers. Even distribution of land is also a good idea in which, those who do not have land should be given some land to cultivate.
  4. The government can also, provide easy loans and seeds, fertilizers at subsidized rates to the small farmers until they become financially sound.

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