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Q. 1Which of the following statement is NOT a correct statement about the trends when going from left to right across the periods of Periodic Table?

  • A.The elements become less metallic in nature
  • B.The number of valence electrons increases
  • C.The atoms lose their electrons more easily
  • D.The oxides become more acidic.
  • Q. 2The element X has the following electron configuration 2, 8, 8, 2. It means that it belongs to:
  • A.Second period and a second group
  • B.Fourth period and the fourth group
  • C.Fourth period and the second group.
  • D.Second period and fourth group.
  • Q. 3Three elements Si and Ge are:
  • A.metals
  • B.non-metals
  • C.metalloids
  • D.metal, non-metal and metalloid respectively.
  • Q. 4Which of the following statements about the Modern Periodic Table is correct?
  • A.It has 18 horizontal rows known as Periods
  • B.It has 7 vertical columns known as Periods
  • C.It has 18 vertical columns known as Groups.
  • D.It has 7 horizontal rows known as Groups
  • Q. 5Which of the following is the outermost shell for elements of period 2?
  • A.K shell
  • B.L shell
  • C.M shell
  • D.N shell