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Observe the figures given as Figure 10.3 (A) and (B) and answer the following.

(a) Which of the figures A or B indicates the process of inhalation and which the process of exhalation?

(b) In the figure label the arrows and indicate the direction of

(i) movement of air

(ii) movement of diaphragm

(iii) movement of ribs

Answer :

a) Diagram A shows the process of inhalation as during inhalation only air enters the wind pipe (trachea), ribs move outwards and the diaphragm moves downwards thus creating space for air to move in. In the diagram B, the process of exhalation is seen as the air move outward from the wind pipe, ribs move inwards and the diaphragm upward thus helping to push air out.


A- Rib cage moving outward (case of inhalation)

B- air coming inside the body (case of inhalation)

C- diaphragm moving downward (case of inhalation)

D- ribs moving inward (case of exhalation)

E- air coming out from the body (case of exhalation)

F- diaphragm moving upward (case of exhalation)

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