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Note : In the fol A. Assertion and reason both are correct and reason is correct explanation of assertion.

B. Assertion and reason both are wrong statements.

C. Assertion is correct statement but reason is wrong statement.

D. Assertion is wrong statement but reason is correct statement.

E. Both assertion and reason are correct statements but reason is not correct explanation of assertion.

Answer :

Now if we look we might think what is an acid?

A simple comparative statement would be a substance is said to more acidic if it de-protonates more easily, or in other words it can release H+ easily. After the loss of a H+ if one molecule is more stable than the other then it is said to be more acidic.

Now taking phenol(C6H5OH).

If it loses a H+ it turns into phenoxide ion(C6H5O-).Now, this phenoxide ion is stabilized due to resonance due to the delocalization of the negative charge on the entire ring. A resonance stabilized molecule is said to be highly stable.

Now in ethanol(C2H5OH), after de-protonation, ethoxide ion is produced(C2H5O-).

Instead of stabilizing , due to the inductive effect of the bulky ethyl groups the ethoxide ion gets destabilized. If an electron withdrawing group(-NO2,CN) was present then it would have been stabilized to some extent but as we know resonance stabilization provides much more stability than inductive effect.

As a result of which ethanol is less acidic.

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