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NCERT English - Beehive

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive are prepared by Goprep are considered as an extremely helpful resource for the exam preparation. The solutions are created by experts subject mentors and are drafted in accordance with the latest official syllabus of the CBSE. You can easily get the NCERT Solutions for 9th Class English Beehive book by visiting the links given below.

To make sure that you score good marks in English, going through with the chapters and the questions of the subject can prove helpful. Learning the English language will become easier for students with the help of the NCERT Class 9 English Beehive solutions provided by Goprep. NCERT Solutions provide students with a detailed explanation, summary, and questions-answers asked in the NCERT English Beehive Textbook for Class 9.

NCERT English Class 9 - Beehive (All Chapters)

With NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive you get to simplify every chapter’s concept and at the same time make the learning of the subject easier. Our NCERT solutions are provided in a properly arranged manner which helps you in understanding the topics of the subject in an easy and simple way. You can prepare for the same accordingly and can also formulate the study plan as per your studying needs.

Class 9 – NCERT English Beehive Solutions

Chapter 1: The Fun They Had 

Summary: Isaac Asimov is the author of ‘The Fun They Had’. Set in the year 2151, the story is an interesting take on the future of education. Tommy, a thirteen-year-old boy and Maggie, who is 11 years old, are the central characters of the story.

In the story, Asimov highlights the mindset of a child who is taught by a mechanical teacher or a teaching bot in the future. There are no physical classrooms in the future, and all the books are available digitally. The computer consists of millions of books and children can access their study material as per the level.

As the story progresses, Tommy finds a printed book in which the page can be touched, and words are still. Both Tommy and Maggie conclude that the book belongs to the time when students were taught in the school by human teachers.

Further, Tommy explains that in the early days, all the students would study the same things together in a classroom. They learnt that old schools had a lot of fun element as students studied together and enjoyed learning with each other.

Author of ‘The Fun They Had’: Isaac Asimov

Theme: The story is a fascinating representation of the mindset of children when books would no longer exist, and they will be taught via virtual classrooms individually.

Type of Questions: Short answer type questions, long answer type questions, and read from the text questions.

Chapter 2: The Sound of Music

Summary: NCERT class 9 Beehive,Sound of Music’ is a story about a girl named Evelyn Glennie who has the extraordinary ability to listen to the sound in spite of being profoundly deaf.

Although she is disabled, she holds expertise in playing different musical instruments with perfection.

Evelyn always wanted to pursue a career in music. However, at the age of eleven, she found out that she is suffering from hearing problem. She was discouraged by her teachers in her attempt to pursue music.

Later, she went on to take admission to the Royal Academy of Music and managed to score the best marks in the Academy’s history. Owing to her success in music despite all the odds, she became a huge inspiration, not for disabled people but also aspiring musicians.

Author of ‘The Sound of Music’: Deborah Cowley

Theme: The story ‘The Sound of Music’ acts as a source of inspiration for people who are physically handicapped.

Type of Questions: Tick the right answer, find the right word in the text questions and short answer questions.

Chapter 3: The Little Girl 

Summary: In the story, ‘The Little Girl’ the author tells us about the bond that children share with their parents. The story is about a little girl Kezia who used to live with her parents and her grandmother.

Kezia was quite scared of her father, and she would keep a distance from her father whenever he was at home. Kezia thought that Mr Macdonald, who lived in the neighbourhood was a good father as he would laugh and play with his children.

One day, Kezia’s mother fell ill and was admitted to the hospital. Hence, she was made to stay alone at home to be taken care of by the cook.

While sleeping, Kezia woke up screaming due to a nightmare. She found her father standing beside her bed. Kezia’s father took her to his room, tucked her in his bed and soon she fell asleep.

This act by her father made Kezia realized that her father is not a big giant, and he has a very loving and caring heart.  

Author of ‘The Little Girl’: Katherine Mansfield

Theme: With the story, Katherine Mansfield points out that parents should not be overly strict with their children. They should show love and warmth to their children as it is crucial for balanced growth of the child.

Type of Questions: Short answer type questions, read from the text questions and long answer type questions.

Chapter 4: Truly Beautiful Mind

Summary: The story, ‘Truly Beautiful Mind’ highlights the life and work of one of the greatest scientists of all time, Albert Einstein. Einstein was an average child who suffered from certain deficiencies like learning to speak very late and repeating a single word twice.

Although Einstein did not like the strict discipline of the school, he was always good at studies and took a keen interest in Science. He left the school in his hometown (Munich) and decided to pursue higher education in Switzerland where the atmosphere was pretty liberal.

Later, Einstein worked on many scientific theories during his lifetime and was honoured with a Nobel Prize in 1921 for his work in the field of Physics. Einstein spent the later years of his life promoting peace and democracy in the world and also proposed the formation of world government.

Even after many years of his death today, Einstein is regarded as a world citizen and someone who was well ahead of his time.

Author of ‘Truly Beautiful Mind’: Sylvia Nasar

Theme: With the NCERT class 9 story, ‘Truly Beautiful Mind’, the author is highlighting the life of Albert Einstein and his contributions in the field of Science.

Type of Questions:  To prepare the NCERT chapter Truly Beautiful Mind’, you can get here the short answer type questions, long answer type and read from the text questions.

Chapter 5: The Snake and the Mirror

Summary: In the story, ‘The Snake and the Mirror’, a snake enters the narrator’s house who is a doctor by profession. The incident takes place during the night of the hot summer. 

The doctor used to live in a rented house that had no electricity and as soon as he settles on his chair after lighting the kerosene lamp, he feels the fall of a snake on him. 

Suddenly, he finds a large snake landing over his shoulder, and before the doctor could react, the snake rolled itself around the left arm above his elbow.

The face of the snake was hardly three inches away from the forehead of the doctor. At this moment, the doctor could only think of help from God. The moment he thought of God, the snake turned its head to look itself more closely in the mirror.

The snake wanted to see its reflection in the mirror from close, Hence, the snake untangled itself, fell on the doctor’s lap and moved towards and slithered to sit on the table.

As soon as the snake moved away, the doctor slowly left his chair and ran away from the house quickly.

Next morning when the doctor came back to take his belongings, he found that some thief had stolen most of the things and his belongings. Moreover, there was no sign of the snake either.

Author of The Snake and the Mirror: Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

Theme: The theme of the chapter, ‘The Snake and the Mirror ‘revolves around the fear of humans and how it affects them and changes their attitude.

Type of Questions: Read from the text questions, short answer type questions and long answer type questions.

Chapter 6: My Childhood 

Summary: NCERT class 9 English Beehive ‘My Childhood’ is an excerpt from the biography of APJ Abdul Kalam, the title of which is ‘Wings of Fire’. APJ Abdul Kalam is one of the greatest scientists of all time. With this story, Kalam is telling us about his childhood experiences, his parents and his friends.

In the story, Kalam shares his experiences at school and also talks about growing up in a traditional society where people of different religions lived together.

Kalam was much inspired by his father, who always taught him about the virtue of discipline and honesty. His mother was a very hospitable lady from whom Kalam learned a lot about kindness and emotions.

Later in the story, Kalam highlights that as a child, he felt very secured emotionally and financially. Hence, due to his strong roots and a good upbringing, he was able to achieve success later in life.

Author of ‘My Childhood’: APJ Abdul Kalam

Theme: With the story, ‘My Childhood’, we get the theme that the life of the people is determined by the experiences that they undergo and the people around them.

Type of Questions: To prepare the NCERT chapter, ‘My Childhood’, you can get the solutions of short answer questions, long answer questions and read from the text questions.

Chapter 7: Packing 

The story, ‘Packing’ is about three friends named Jerome, George and Harris. All three of them decides to go on holiday together. Jerome, who is the narrator of the story, is good at packing and offers to pack the luggage of George and Harris.

Knowing that Jerome would pack their bags, both George and Harris decided to sit back and relax. But Jerome had meant it otherwise, he was of the view that he would instruct both George and Harris in their packing.

So, when Jerome saw his friends relaxing, he felt quite irritated. Although Jerome finished packing in quick time, he forgot to pack different things, one of them was his toothbrush.

Later, the narrator was made to realize that he forgot to pack the soap. At this, he became quite angry and refused to open the bag again.

After a few moments, things got quite interesting when George and Harris decided to continue with the rest of the packing.

Finally, after a lot of confusion, the packing was completed, and they decide to sleep after that. Meanwhile, they argued over time as to when they should wake up in the morning. Finally, after some argument, they decided to wake up at 6.30.

Author of ‘Packing’: Jerome K Jerome

Theme: The chapter ‘Packing’ is an excerpt from the story, ‘Three Men in a Boat’. With this lesson, the author is highlighting the troubles and confusion that one can face while doing the packing.

Type of Questions: The chapter, ‘Packing’ includes NCERT solutions to short answer questions, exercises and read from the text questions.

Chapter 8: Reach for the Top 

Summary: The story, ‘Reach for the Top’ highlights the achievements of two women, i.e., Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova. The chapter has been divided into two parts, with each part illustrating the heroics of Santosh and Maria.

The first part of the story is about Santosh Yadav, who is the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest twice. 

Santosh was born in a traditional family, her parents wanted to marry her at the age of 16. However, she wanted to study further and forced her parents to let her study further.

Later, during her college days, she developed a passion for mountaineering and enrolled herself for training in Mountaineering school.

During her stint in the mountaineering school, she developed quite excellent climbing skills and great resistance to cold and high altitude. Eventually, in the year 1992, she scaled the Mount Everest, becoming the youngest ever women to reach the summit.

The second part of ‘Reach for the Top’ gives us a brief insight into the life and career of Maria Sharapova, one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

Maria started playing tennis from the age of 6, and one year later she travelled to the USA to learn tennis. Sharapova turned professional when she was 14 and became the youngest girl ever to reach the finals of Junior Wimbledon in 2001.

Later, at the age of 17, Sharapova won her first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon. In no time, Maria Sharapova reached the summit of the tennis rankings. She is also regarded as one of the most glamorous female tennis players in the world.

Theme: ‘Reach for the Top’ is an inspirational story of Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova, who achieved great success despite the odds and challenges that came to their way.

Type of Questions: To be able to answer questions of the NCERT chapter, ‘Reach for the Top’, you can access the solutions of short answer type questions, long answer type questions and read from the text questions.

Chapter 9: The Bond of Love 

Summary: With the NCERT class 9 English book story, ‘The Bond of Love’, the writer is highlighting the emotional bond that is shared between humans and animals. 

Kenneth Anderson, who is the wife of the narrator shows love and care to a wild bear whom she calls Bruno.

The narrator found the sloth bear accidentally when he was passing through the sugarcane fields and presented the baby bear to his wife.

The baby bear soon developed the habit of drinking milk from the bottle. He also grew friendly towards the dog and children of the tenants.

Later, when the bear grew bigger, the narrator decided to send him to the zoo. However, since the narrator’s wife missed the bear a lot, they brought him back and created a separate island for the animal.

Author of ‘The Bond of Love’: Kenneth Anderson

Theme: The theme of the story revolves around the love and affection that humans share with animals and the bond that animals develop with humans.

Type of Questions: Here, you can get the NCERT solutions of short answer questions, read from the text questions, fill in the blanks and one-word substitution. 

Chapter 10: Kathmandu 

Summary: In the chapter ‘Kathmandu’ of class 9 NCERT textbook, Vikram Seth shares his experiences and recalls his memories of his visit to the city of Kathmandu. During his visit to Kathmandu, he visits the famous Hindu temple of Pashupatinath and Baudhanath Stupa.

As he visits both the temples, he observes that the atmosphere at Hindu temple is full of chaos and noise. Buddhist shrine, on the other hand, is filled with peace where everything is in a calm and composed state.

Vikram further states that Kathmandu is a crowded place which houses many small shrines in its busy and narrow streets.

After spending some time roaming around the city, Vikram decides to return to his home in Delhi. While coming back to the hotel, he notices a flute seller playing the flute.

The author is always fascinated by the sound of the flute as it is a musical instrument which is common in almost every culture and acts as a link between people.

Author of ‘Kathmandu’: Vikram Seth

Theme: With this short chapter, Vikram Seth highlights the atmosphere of Pashupatinath temple and compares it with the famous Buddhist shrine, Buddhist Stupa.

Type of Questions: Read from the text questions, short answer questions and long answer questions.

Chapter 11: If I Were You

Summary: In the story, ‘If I Were You’, Gerrard is the central character who is a cultured playwright. As the story unfolds, an intruder who is on the run after killing a policeman enters into Gerrard’s house.

The criminal has some physical resemblance to Gerrard, and he plans to kill Gerrard so that he can live under his identity. However, Gerrard is smarter than the intruder, and he tells him that he is also on the run from Police after killing someone.

Gerrard offers the intruder to take him to safety in his car. As soon the intruder enters the car, Gerrard locks the door.

Gerrard misleads the intruder as the door leads to the cupboard, not the garage. Later, Gerrard calls the Police so that they can come and arrest the intruder.

Author of ‘If I Were You’: Douglas James

Theme: With the story, ‘If I Were You’, Douglas James highlights how the presence of mind and intelligence can help a person tackle difficult situations and come out of them unharmed.

Type of Questions: In this chapter of class 9 English Beehive textbook, you will get to solve short answer questions, long answer type questions and read from the text questions.

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