NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English - First Flight

NCERT - First Flight

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English 'First Flight' textbook is possibly the best study resource for you, especially when you do not refer to any English reference book. NCERT Class 10 English First Flight textbook includes a variety of poems and prose, which helps in developing the intellectual skills of the students. Further, at the end of each chapter, there are various questions for you to practise and to check the level of your understanding of topics.

To guide you in solving the various questions of the CBSE Class 10 English book, we at Goprep developed an NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight. The solutions will help you in solving the questions from NCERT English textbook. You can clear your concepts for each topic and at the same time solve the questions from NCERT English First Flight to enhance your performance in the exam.

NCERT English Class 10 - First Flight (All Chapters)

Comprising a total of eleven chapters and each chapter has one poem and one prose and further comprises of various exercises for practice. So, our NCERT Solutions ensure that students get the best of comprehensive exam preparation. The NCERT Solutions are prepared by a team of subject experts and all the Solutions are based on the latest official syllabus approved by the CBSE.

Class 12 English NCERT First Flight Solutions 

Chapter 1: A Letter to God

Summary: The story, ‘A Letter to God’ is a story about the utmost belief in God. Written by G.L Fuentes, the story is about a Latin American farmer named Lencho who writes a letter to God after learning that his entire crop yield has been damaged due to hailstorm. 

In the letter, the man demands 100 pesos from God for the loss of his crop. When the postman reads the letter of the farmer addressed to God, he could not stop himself but laugh. 

However, being a generous man, the postman decides to help the poor farmer by arranging money from his friends and donating some part from his salary. 

When Lencho comes for collecting the money, he gets disheartened as he only finds 70 pesos, less than what he had wished for. Again, he writes a letter to God to ask for the remaining money. 

This time, however, he demands the money to be sent directly to him and not through the mail as he believed that employees of the post office were dishonest and crook. 

Author of ‘A Letter to God’: G.L Fuentes

Theme: The story, ‘A Letter to God’ focuses on the theme of great power in man’s faith in God. 

Type of Questions: Short answer type questions, long answer type questions, and read from the text questions.

Chapter 2: Nelson Mandela - Long Walk to Freedom

Summary: The chapter Nelson Mandela - Long Walk to Freedom is an excerpt which has been taken from the autobiography of Nelson Mandela. The chapter gives us an account of the early life of Nelson Mandela, his education and the struggles that he faced during his jail term for 30 years. 

In this chapter, you will learn about the journey of Nelson Mandela being a freedom fighter and about various other freedom fighters who fought for their freedom. In 1950, Mandela joined the African National Congress and started taking active participation to oppose the apartheid regime in South Africa. 

The lesson gives a detailed overview as to how Nelson Mandela, with the help of other freedom fighters, successfully created a society devoid of discrimination based on caste, colour and creed of the people. 

Author of ‘Nelson Mandela - Long Walk to Freedom’: Nelson Mandela

Theme: The chapter, ‘Nelson Mandela - Long Walk to Freedom’ chronicles the life events and the struggles faced by Nelson Mandela to fight against the apartheid regime. 

Type of Questions: To understand the NCERT chapter in detail, you can get the solutions of, short answer type questions, long answer type questions and read from the text questions. 

Chapter 3: Two Stories about Flying

Summary: The chapter, ‘Two Stories about Flying’ is a story about a seagull who was pretty afraid to take his first flight, unlike his brothers and sisters. So, when all of them went together to fly for the first time, all of them succeeded except the seagull.

The entire family of the seagull encouraged him to fly, but he could not trust his wings. And, for the same reason, he was punished by his parents. 

The young seagull was very hungry and had not eaten anything since a day. His hunger increased all the more when he witnessed his mother with a piece of fish. 

At that very moment, the hunger of seagull overpowered his fear of flying and he dived at the cliff without worrying about the cliff beneath. Finally, his jump was followed by the natural reaction of his body and he learnt to fly. 

Author of ‘Two Stories about Flying’: OH Hearty

Theme: The theme of the story, ‘Two Stories about Flying’ is about having the self-confidence and courage to overcome fears and move forward. 

Type of Questions: Read from the text questions, MCQs and short answer type questions.

Chapter 4: From the Diary of Anne Frank

Summary: The story, ‘From the Diary of Anne Frank’ is an extract from the ‘Diary of a Young Girl’ which is an autobiography of Anne Frank. Through the story, Anne is sharing her experience about the time when she goes into hiding to avoid being killed by the Nazis during world war two. 

Anne Frank, along with her seven other people, finds shelter in the secret annexe on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. Eventually, after two years into hiding, all the seven members were discovered and transported to concentration camps.

During the stay in the concentration camp, Anne, along with her sister, died of typhus in the year 1945. Later, her father, who was the only survivor of the group, found Anne’s diary and got it published under the name, ‘Diary of a Young Girl’ in English. 

Author of ‘From the Diary of Anne Frank’: Anne Frank

Theme: One of the primary themes of the chapter, ‘Diary of a Young Girl’ ’is the isolation and loneliness that comes with adolescence. 

Type of Questions: To prepare the NCERT chapter, ‘From the Diary of Anne Frank’ thoroughly, you can get the solutions of read from the text questions, MCQs and short answer type questions. 

Chapter 5: The Hundred Dresses – I

Summary: The Hundred Dresses is a story where the author is narrating her real experiences of a girl who was mocked for being different. The story revolves around a Polish immigrant girl Wanda Petronski who migrated to America with her family.

In school, almost all the students would tease her due to her strange name and weird personality. Moreover, she always wore a faded blue dress to school and would claim that she has a hundred dresses and sixty shoes at home in her closet. 

The girls who mainly teased Wanda were Peggy and Maddie. Peggy was always eager as to why Wanda wears the same dress to school if she has a hundred dresses. 

However, on the result day of drawing competition, there were 100 drawings, each showcasing different dress. At that time, Peggy and Maddie were amazed and understood the logic of a hundred dresses and felt quite sorry about teasing Wanda. 

Author of The Hundred Dresses – I: Eleanor Estes

Theme: The theme of the story, ‘Hundred Dresses – I’ by Eleanor Estes revolves around the hurt that is caused to a person by teasing. 

Type of Questions: Read from the text questions, short answer type questions and long answer type questions.

Chapter 6: The Hundred Dresses – II

Summary: The story of the Hundred Dresses – II begins with a letter received by the school from Wanda’s father informing them that Wanda would not be coming to school anymore. In the letter, Wanda’s father informs that they are moving to a big city where no one would mock Wanda because of her appearance and name. 

On learning about the letter, Maddie and Peggy felt extremely guilty and wanted to meet Wanda to clarify that they never meant to hurt her feelings. Both of them decides to go to Wanda’s house, but their visit proves worthless as Wanda had already left the city.

Later, both Peggy and Maddie decided to write a letter to Wanda informing her that she had won the contest. On the eve of Christmas, Wanda writes a letter to her teacher and tells her that she no longer requires those hundred dresses. 

She informs that she has new hundred dresses in her new house; hence those dresses should be gifted to all the girls especially to Peggy and Maddie. 

Author of ‘The Hundred Dresses – II’: Eleanor Estes

Theme: The theme of the story, ‘The Hundred Dresses – II’ calls attention to the guilt that Maddie and Peggy feel after Wanda leaves the school. 

Type of Questions: To prepare the chapter, ‘The Hundred Dresses – II’ of NCERT textbook, you can access short answer questions, long answer questions and multiple type questions. 

Chapter 7: Glimpses of India

Summary: The story, ‘Glimpses of India’ revisits the time when Goa was ruled by Portuguese. The Goa state of that time was immensely popular for its bread making. 

Thus, with the story, the writer ponders over the past and reflects that even after the Portuguese left India, the bakers of the bread are still present. Certainly, they are not the original ones, but their legacy has been taken forward by their sons. 

The bread bakers of Goa even to this date are referred to as ‘Paders’. Just like the old times, every aspect of baking still remains the same, whether it is the furnaces or people who the loaves of bread. 

The second part of the story is an ideal portrayal of Coorg, which is known as the “Scotland of India” and is famous for coffee plantation. Then again, the third part highlights the popularity of tea plantation in Assam. 

Author ofGlimpses of India’: Lucio Rodrigues, Lokesh Abrol and Arup Kumar Datta

Theme: In the chapter, ‘Glimpses of India, the authors are highlighting the bread baking culture of Goa, coffee plantation in Coorg and tea plantation in Assam.  

Type of Questions: Read from the text questions, short answer type questions and long answer type questions. 

Chapter 8: Mijbil the Otter

Summary:  In the chapter, ‘Mijbil the Otter’, the author describes how his life changed after he decided to own an otter following the death of his pet dog. The otter was not a known creature to the author and looked to him like a small dragon in the beginning.

In the beginning, Mijbil the otter showed little interest in his owner Maxwell. However, as time progressed, Mijbil started developing a fondness for Maxwell. Mijbil even started enjoying the water in the bathroom and would play with the toys and small articles in the home.

As the story unfolds, it highlights the struggles of the author that he faced to take otter along with him during the flights to different cities. 

Later, during one such flight, the animal disappeared in the plane, and it was with the help of air hostess that Maxwell managed to find Mijbil. 

Author of ‘Mijbil the Otter’: Gavin Maxwell FRSL

Theme: In the story, ‘Mijbil the Otter’, the author is illustrating his passion for animals, especially his otter Mijbil. 

Type of Questions: Read from the text questions, one-word answer questions and fill in the blanks. 

Chapter 9: Madam Rides the Bus 

Summary: Penned by Vallikkannan, ‘Madam Rides the Bus’ is a story of an 8-year-old girl describing her first bus journey into the world outside of her village. The name of the girl was Valliammai, who at a very tender age, tried to understand the mystery surrounding life and death.

Valli lived near a bus stop, and her dream was to enjoy a bus ride. So, she decides to cut down on her expenses so that she can save enough money for a two-way journey. She also plans to take the journey at a time when the mother is asleep during the daytime. 

Moreover, Valli decides to experience the journey all by herself so that she could feel independent. She paid for the ticket herself and asked the conductor to take her to the town.

During the journey, she comes across different experiences which makes her bus ride quite adventurous, which eventually makes her realize the meaning of life and death. 

Author of ‘Madam Rides the Bus’: Vallikkannan

Theme: The story, ‘Madam Rides the Bus’ illustrates the theme of how responsibly and innocently Valliammai fulfilled her desire of experiencing a bus ride. 

Type of Questions: To understand the NCERT chapter, ‘Madam Rides the Bus’ properly, you can get here the solutions of one-word answer questions, short answer type questions and long answer type questions.

Chapter 10: The Sermon at Benares

Summary: Written by Betty Renshaw, ‘The Sermon at Benares’ throws light on the early life of Gautam Buddha and his journey from a prince to a saint. Buddha was born in a royal family; however, upon learning the sufferings faced by people, he left his home in search of enlightenment and salvation. 

After wandering for seven long years, he finally attained salvation under a tree at Bodhgaya. After attaining salvation, he delivered his first sermon in the holy city of Benares. 

The sermon was addressed to a lady named Kisa Gotami who was in a state of grief after the death of her son. The woman requests Buddha to revive her son. Upon her request, Buddha asks the woman to bring a handful of mustard seeds from a house where no death has taken place. 

The woman went from door to door to get mustard from a house where nobody had ever died. But, to her shock, she couldn’t find a single home where no person had ever died. 

Later, the woman realized that men are mortal and that death was the fate of humankind, and nobody can avoid death. 

Author ofThe Sermon at Benares’: Betty Renshaw

Theme: In the story, ‘The Sermon at Benares’ the author is highlighting Gautam Buddha’s journey from being a price to achieving salvation. 

Type of Questions: Short answer type questions, long answer type questions and one-word answer type questions.

Chapter 11: The Proposal 

Summary: Penned by Antony Chekhov, ‘The Proposal’ is a story about a man named Lomov who proposes marriage to his neighbour Chubukov’s daughter Natayla. However, before Lomov could propose Natayla, both of them get involved in an argument over Oxen Meadows. 

Lomov and Natayla are quite argumentative from the start of their relationship and act like a married couple before they have been engaged. So, as the story unfolds, Chubukov and her daughter throw Lomov out of the house after a heated argument between them. 

However, upon learning that Lomov had come to propose her, Natayla asks her father to bring back Lomov immediately. 

When Lomov returns, both of them again enters into an argument regarding their dogs. This time, however, in the middle of the argument, Lomov falls as he suffers from palpitations. 

As soon as Lomov regains consciousness, Natayla’s father hands over her daughter’s hand to him and blesses them for a happy life. 

Author of ‘The Proposal’: Anton Chekhov 

Theme: The theme of the story, ‘The Proposal’ is that married couples inevitably fight, even before they are married. 

Type of Questions: To prepare the NCERT chapter well for the class 10 board exam, you can access short answer questions, long answer questions and read from the text questions.

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