NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Geography - India: People and Economy

NCERT - India-People And Economy

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Geography textbook 'India: People and Economy’ is the study of physical and non-physical behaviour of man and its impact on his economic life. The Geography textbook for Class 12 covers the different and challenging chapters related to Economy and People’s lifestyle. And the NCERT prescribed textbook by CBSE is of great use in grasping the concepts efficiently which will allow you to know the Geography subject of Class 11 accurately. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Geography-India: People and Economy lets you learn about the subject efficiently without any hassle. This is made possible due to our constructive NCERT Class 12 solutions. Further, the solutions allow you to understand the concept of the topics in a clear and logical way and can be accessed without incurring any cost for the same.

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Thorough preparation of the Geography’s chapter-wise solutions can help you in your learning capacity and understanding ability. This is why our NCERT Solutions for Class 12 have been prepared to give you the exact study material required for Geography- India: People and Economy for Class 12. Further, our solutions help you  to learn the difficult concepts of the subjects in an easy way. The solutions will assist you in comprehending the Indian people and the economy better. 

Key Highlights of Using Geography- India: People and Economy Solutions for Class 12 

  • The NCERT solutions for Class 12 Geography is based on the latest curriculum of CBSE
  • Crafted by an expert team after extensive research
  • Get insight on different topics of the subject with our easy to understand NCERT solutions.
  • Comprise of detailed explanations so that you can clear your concepts easily and can prepare effectively.
  • Available for free of cost and can be accessed from anywhere easily. 


What are the chapters covered in NCERT Geography-India: People and Economy Class 12?

Geography-India: People and Economy textbook for Class 12 cover various important chapters for the students to learn. These chapters/topics of the subjects are as follows:

  1. Population- Distribution, Density, Growth and Composition
  2. Migration - Types, Causes and Consequences
  3. Human Development
  4. Human Settlements
  5. Land Resources and Agriculture
  6. Water Resources
  7. Mineral and Energy Resources
  8. Manufacturing Industries
  9. International Trade
  10. Transport and Communication
  11. Planning and Sustainable Development in Indian Context
  12. Geographical Perspectives on selected issues and problems. 

What NCERT Geography-India: People and Economy Solutions for Class 12 provide? 

NCERT Geography- India: People and Economy solutions for Class 12 provide students with the complete answers to the questions asked in the textbook at the end of each chapter. Prepared in sync with the latest curriculum of CBSE, these NCERT solutions help you in comprehending the concepts of the topics and also for solving the questions of the book.  

Developed with a sole aim to foster an easy understanding of the important and challenging topics. Also, these solutions comprise of simple to grasp explanation for important topics of the subject. This makes it easier for you to prepare for the exam in the most suitable way possible. 

How can I score 90+ marks in Geography of Class 12 by relying on the NCERT Solutions for India: People and Economy?

If you are using our NCERT solutions for Class 12, you will get a better insight into topics of the book and will help you in developing problem-solving skills. Moreover, with our NCERT solutions, you can solve complex questions with ease and prepare each chapter of the book in a thorough manner. So, by referring our NCERT Geography- India: People and Economy for Class 12 will be able to facilitate your exam preparation and would enable you to score good marks in the examinations. 

Can I avail NCERT Geography-India: People and Economy for Class 12 solutions for free?

Yes, you can access the NCERT Geography- India: People and Economy for Class 12 at free of cost. From our official website, you can view the answers to the questions of the NCERT textbook anywhere and anytime without incurring any cost. 

What is the minimum time that I need to complete NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Geography- India: People and Economy?

The minimum amount of time that you require to complete the entire NCERT solutions depends upon your study routine. The number of hours you are devoting to your self-study preparation for the exam. If you are reading our NCERT solutions along with NCERT subject textbook, then you can complete the entire NCERT solutions for Class 12 in 3-4 months. Because of the easy language and smooth explanation of the answers to the questions, these NCERT solutions act as a perfect companion for the students to prepare for the board exam effectively.   

Final Words

For the students of Class 12 Arts stream, Geography is considered as one of the crucial subjects which need to be prepared effectively to score good percentile in the board exams. You need to master the subject to score excellent marks in the subject which can be done with the help of NCERT Geography- India: People and Economy solutions for Class 12.