NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Business Studies - Part 2

NCERT - Business Studies Part-II

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Business Studies - Part 2 help understand the fundamental concepts of Commerce subject with ease. Notably, Business Studies is one of the most vital subjects for students of class 12 looking to pursue a career in the field of commerce, trade and business. These NCERT solutions for class 12 Business Studies Part 2 explain important Commerce concepts in a simple language. Further, advanced information regarding the subject is also provided that includes answers to all the questions given in the NCERT books. 

Our NCERT Solutions for class 12 Business Studies are strictly based on the syllabus released by the CBSE for Business Studies. Experts at Goprep have used a wide range of illustrative examples to enable students to learn important topics quickly. The Business Studies solutions include chapters such as Financial Management, Financial Markets, Marketing, Consumer Protection and Entrepreneurship Development. To browse solutions of each of these chapters, you can click on their links and access them for free of cost.

4 Chapters
9 Financial Management3 Exercises|18 Questions
10 Financial Markets3 Exercises|17 Questions
11 Marketing3 Exercises|30 Questions
12 Consumer Protection3 Exercises|16 Questions
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Business Studies of class 12 is a theoretical subject. And, that is why the majority of the students in class 12 try and mug up the entire syllabus to score good marks in the exam. However, more often than not, this strategy does not work. Therefore, you need to study our Business Studies - Part 2 solutions for class 12. Not only do these Business Studies Part 2 solutions improve student’s foundation in the subject. Instead, they enhance the question-solving ability of the students to enable them to score better marks in the exam. 

Benefits of NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Business Studies - Part 2

  • Easy to understand solutions with each topic described to match the understanding level of the students. 
  • These NCERT Solutions of Class 12 Business Studies promote deep understanding into the subject to help students score good marks. 
  • Developed by expert Commerce teachers having profound experience in the field of teaching. 
  • Our solutions for CBSE class 12 Business Studies can be used to revise important topics quickly before the exam. 
  • These solutions cover explanations of all-important Business Studies chapters to help students prepare efficiently for the class 12 board exam.
  • By referring to these solutions of Business Studies, you can clear your doubts of difficult topics and be more confident about your exam preparation. 

Some Common Frequently Asked Questions 

How to make the best use of NCERT solutions for Class 12 Business Studies - Part 2?

Given below are some of the crucial tips which you can follow to read NCERT solutions of Business Studies effectively:

  • Read and understand all the answers to important questions properly.
  • Note down the relevant terms and definitions for revising them during the exam.
  • If you find any topic in your NCERT textbook complex, try and understand the same with the help of NCERT solutions. 
  • Learn all the questions and answers given at the end of each chapter for proper exam preparation.

Is it necessary to read NCERT solutions of Business Studies for CBSE class 12?

The NCERT Solutions of Business Studies for class 12 comprise of easy to learn answers of all the critical questions. The information given in the answers is reliable and well researched. Moreover, you can expect a majority of the questions in the exam from the NCERT textbook of Business Studies. So, all these features make our NCERT solutions for Business Studies highly reliable and vital for class 12 Board exam preparation. 

How many marks can I expect to score in class 12 if I prepare for the board exam with the help of NCERT Solutions for Business Studies?

It is possible to tell exactly how many marks you can score by preparing for the exam with the help of NCERT solutions. However, by reading our NCERT solutions for Business Studies Part 2, you would improve your knowledge of the fundamental topics, concepts and definitions. Thus, by strengthening your basic Commerce concepts, you will be able to answer difficult questions with ease and score good marks in the class 12th board. 

Is it advisable to read NCERT textbook solutions of Business Studies if I have limited time to prepare for the exam?

If you have limited time to prepare for the CBSE class 12th Board exam, then it is all the more important to refer to NCERT solutions of Business Studies. Our solutions are detailed and concise and present important information in a simple manner. Moreover, reading them and preparing a particular topic does not take much time. 

Is it compulsory to read the NCERT solutions of Business Studies again and again?

NCERT solutions of Business Studies Part 2 textbook are perfect for revision. So, if you have underlined important points, then it would not take much time to revise important points and prepare for the exam. 

Final Words 

NCERT textbook of Business Studies Part 2 is very important for class 12 board exam preparation. However, NCERT class textbook should be complemented by NCERT solutions to prepare effectively for the exam. To perform well in the exam, you should first start with the Business Studies NCERT and then move to its solutions to clear your doubts and strengthen your concepts.