Q. 7

Name the principal players in the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. How do you assess the prospects of the resolution of this conflict?

Answer :

The principal players in the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka is between the Sinhala community and the Tamilians mainly of Indian origin. The Sinhala community felt that the country only belongs to them and became hostile to the interests of Tamilians this led to the creation of an extremist group called the Liberal Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) whose objective was to have a separate nation for Sri Lankan Tamilians.

• Due to the pressure exerted by the Indian Tamil community, it became morally imperative for India to get involved in this conflict and render support to them.

• In spite of the crisis becoming violent between the groups, Sri Lanka has depicted high level of economic growth as well as human development.

• Moreover, it was the first country to successfully control population growth. It has also been able to maintain democracy right from the creation of the country.

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