Q. 7

Name the device used these days in place of electric fuses in electrical circuits.

Answer :

The device used these days in place of the fuse is MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker). It turns off automatically when large current (larger than the safe limit) is passed through it. Magnetic tripping is the most common principle on which MCB works; it uses magnetic force generated through the current. It has many advantages over traditional fuses

MCB is more sensitive to current than a fuse.

In the case of MCB, the faulty zone of the electrical circuit can be easily identified.

With MCB it is effortless to resume to the supply.

MCB provides a better interface with the help of knob than a fuse

Handling MCB is electrically safer than handling a fuse.

MCB is reusable and hence has less maintenance and replacement cost. Whereas a fuse needs to be replaced whenever it goes faulty.

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