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Find the correct answer from the alternatives given.

Cumulative frequencies in a grouped frequency table are useful to find . . .
A. Mean

B. Median

C. Mode

D. All of these

Answer :

The cumulative frequency of a set of data or class intervals of a frequency table is the sum of the frequencies of the data up to a required level. It can be used to determine the number of items that have values below a particular level.

Mean is simple or arithmetic average of a range of values or quantities, computed by dividing the total of all values by the number of values. And The mode of a set of data values is the value that appears most often.

While, median is the middle value of the set of ordered data. The position of the median is given by {(n + 1)/2}th value, where n is the number of values in a set of data.

So, the formula can be applied in the cumulative frequency in an arranged data to find the median.

Thus, (B) is the correct option.

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