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Mention three areas in which H2SO4 plays an important role.

Answer :

H2SO4 is one the most important and widely used chemicals for many purposes. It has following uses:

(i) As an electrolyte sulphuric acid dissociates in aqueous solution to form ions. These ions are responsible for the conduction of electricity. As a result, sulphuric acid is used in the manufacture of the lead storage battery.

(ii) As a dehydrating agent (to remove water) because it has a great affinity for water. It doesn’t get dissolved in water but absorb it, so it is used as a drying agent.

(iii) For removing layers of basic oxides from the metal surfaces like iron, copper, etc. before the metals are galvanized, electroplated. Because when the metals are dissolved in sulphuric acid the basic oxide layer formed (due to reaction with air, water) will be dissolved in it as it is acidic in nature.

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