NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Maths Solutions Chapter 5


Are you finding it tough to solve the questions of Continuity and Differentiability Chapter of your Class 12 Maths Exemplar textbook? If so, then you can refer to our NCERT Exemplar Solutions for the Chapter - Continuity and Differentiability. These Solutions have been presented by us to assist students to find easy-to-understand Solutions of the textbook questions. Each solved question has been described using formula and theorem to make students understand the concepts better.

The Chapter Continuity and Differentiability of the Maths textbook is an integral part of the Class 12 Maths syllabus. So, when you refer to our Maths Exemplar NCERT Solutions for this Chapter, you can clear your existing doubts and master the Continuity and Differentiability concepts properly. Given below are important topics that we have covered in our NCERT Exemplar Solutions for the Chapter - Continuity, and Differentiability –

  • Continuity and Differentiability
  • Second Order Derivative
  • Mean Value Theorem
  • Derivatives of Implicit Functions
  • Algebra of continuous functions
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions and their differentiation
  • Derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions

NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Maths Solutions Chapter 5

Mathematics - ExemplarClass 12th , NCERT
Chapter 1 - Relations and Functions
Chapter 2 - Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Chapter 3 - Matrices
Chapter 4 - Determinants
Chapter 5 - Continuity and Differentiability
Chapter 6 - Application of Derivatives
Chapter 7 - Integrals
Chapter 8 - Application of Integrals
Chapter 9 - Differential Equations
Chapter 10 - Vector Algebra
Chapter 11 - Three Dimensional Geometry
Chapter 12 - Linear Programming
Chapter 13 - Probability