Answer :

(a) rectum = (iv) faeces. Rectum is the last part of large intestine which temporarily stores the undigested food and help in faecal discharge.

(b) gall bladder =(v) bile. Gall bladder is a sac like structure situated near the liver which helps in storage and concentration of bile juice.

(c) stomach = (i) mucous. Mucous neck cells present in the internal wall of stomach secretes mucus which protects the stomach lining from the highly acidic nature of hydrochloric acid.

(d) tongue = (iii) taste buds. Tongue is a muscular organ present in the buccal cavity. It bears taste buds which help in perceiving different tastes.

(e) small intestine = (ii) villi. Villi is the numerous infoldings present in the small intestine. It increases surface area for absorption.

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