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Match the organis

Answer :

(a) – (iii)

Mango tree is a green plant, therefore it has chlorophyll and it can make its own food by the process of photosynthesis, Hence it’s an autotroph.

(b) – (iv)

Mushroom grows on rotten wood, hence it’s a saprophyte.

(c ) – (i)

Pitcher plants don’t get enough nutrition from the soil, therefore they capture insects and they are known as Insectivorous plant.

(d) – (v)

Cuscuta is not a green plant and can’t produce food by photosynthesis hence it depends on other plants for its food requirements, and therefore it is a parasitic plant.

(e) – (ii)

Elephant is a herbivores animal and they depend on plants for their food

Hence, they are heterotroph.

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