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Match the following:

i. Operation Infinite Reach

ii. Operation Enduring Freedom

iii. Operation Desert Storm

iv. Operation Iraqi Freedom

a. War against Al-Qaeda and Taliban

b. Coalition of the willing

c. Missile attack in Sudan

d. First Gulf War

Answer :

i. Operation Infinite Reach – C. Missile attack in Sudan

• In 1998, there was bombing at the U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania by Al-Qaeda, a terrorist organization. President Clinton ordered ‘Operation Infinite Reach’ in which Al-Qaeda terrorist targets in Sudan and Afghanistan were attacked.

ii. Operation Enduring Freedom – A. War against Al-Qaeda and Taliban

• On 11 September 2001, nineteen hijackers hailing from Arab countries took control of four American commercial aircraft and flew them into important US buildings. President George W. Bush launched ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ against Afghanistan to curb terrorism and to crush territories.

iii. Operation Desert Storm – D. First Gulf War

• On 2nd August 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait. U.N condemned the invasion and demanded withdrawal of Iraqi troops. Massive coalition force of 660,000 troops from 34 countries fought against Iraq and defeated it. The U.N operation was called ‘Operation Desert Storm’. It is also to be called known as the first Gulf war.

iv. Operation Iraqi Freedom – B. Coalition of the willing

• On 19th march 2003 the US launched its invasion Iraqi under the code name ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’ more than 40 other countries joined on the US collision on the willing after the refused to give its mandate to the invasion.

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