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Make a list of the trees Mr. Wonka mentions. Where do these trees grow? Try to find out from an encyclopaedia. Write a short paragraph about two or three of these trees.

Answer :

Douglas fir, Oak, Cedar, Pine

Douglas fir- It is an evergreen tree that grows in the coniferous forest of North America. It’s tall and grows up to 100m in height. The leaves are flat and soft, and grow on the upper branches. It is use as the Christmas.

Oak- It is a shrub tree and has many species growing in many parts of the world. It grows in dense forests. It has a thick trunk and used to obtain wood for making furniture.

Cedar- It a coniferous tree that grows in many places including the Himalayas. It is a tall tree with small rough leaves and the wood is used for making furniture.

Pine- It a coniferous tree that grows in hilly area, native to many parts of the world. It is a resinous tree and secrets a thick sticky sap which has medicinal properties. The pine cones are the woody fruit of the tree and used as a piece of decoration.

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