Q. 2

List the different types of people you read about in Kalpattu who depend on farming. Who is the poorest among them and why?

Answer :

There are big farmers like Ramalingam and Karuthamma who own lands along with some small farmers like Sekar and several landless labourers like Thulasi. While Ramalingam and Karuthamma provide employment to landless labourers and small farmers like Thulasi and Sekar, at the same time they exploit the poor people by paying them less and taking extra work from them.

Landless labourers like Thulasi are the poorest among all because they do not have land and are forced to work on lesser pay which is insufficient for their survival. At times, these people have to sell whatever they have to when they get into problems. Also, these people do not have a fixed income, therefore, their survival is always difficult. In India, nearly two out of every five families are agricultural labourer families. All of them depend upon the work they do on other people’s fields to earn a living.

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