KSEEB Solutions for Class 8 Science Part 2

Karnataka Board - Science Part II

Science is the subject in which you need to explore more to learn more, particularly for the Science of Class 8th as this Class form the stepping stone for your Class 9. Thus, by adopting the right approach and with the correct guidance, you can enhance your performance and learning experience of the syllabus Class 8 Karnataka Board Science subject.

To help you in getting aware of the Science subject of Class 8th, we have provided the Karnataka Board Science Solutions for all the chapters of the textbook.  You can access these solutions on the official website, and that too for free of cost. Our Solutions help students in clearing their doubts about important concepts and also making their foundation strong on the Subject. So, with the help of our solutions, you can effectively prepare for the Subject.

Get detailed syllabus of the Science Part- II subject, covering in these solutions in Chapter wise format. These solutions are error-free as all the answers to the questions are crafted by the expert and well-qualified team of subject mentors. To assist you in fetching good marks in the subject, the team has compiled all the questions-answers of the Karnataka Board class 8 Science Part-II subject in a well-structured manner.

Key Features of Karnataka Board Class 8 Science Part II

  • A quick and easy look at the complete syllabus of the Science Part-II subject of Class 8
  • With the help of these Solutions, you will get to know what you are going to learn on this subject.
  • Get solved questions which are asked in the Science Part-II subject of Class 8.
  • Access of these Solutions is at free of cost.
  • Drafted by experienced subject teachers, get a detailed explanation of the answers to the questions provided in the textbook.


How can I score above 90% in the Science Subject with Karnataka Board?

The best way to score good marks in the Science subject is by making your concepts clear and by consistent practice sessions. From the beginning of Class 8, adopt the strategy to learn and understand the concepts and then jump to the solving of the questions. Solve all the questions of the textbook first and then move ahead with reference books.

Apart from this, you can also solve previous year question paper and mock test to get to know the exam pattern and the marks distribution of the Chapters.

Is it mandatory to study with reference books for Class 8 Science subject?

It is not at all compulsory to study with reference books for Science subject. Instead, it is always suggested to start your preparation for the exam with the textbooks prescribed by the Karnataka Board in order to make your concepts clear of the subject. When you are done with your basics, you can move ahead with reference books for solving an ample amount of questions.

What is the difference between the Karnataka Board and CBSE Board?

Both CBSE and Karnataka Board have the same syllabus. The only difference lies in the type of questions which are asked in the examinations. CBSE has far tougher and challenges students by asking them multiple formulas and concepts. Both boards have different exam pattern.

But to score good marks in both examinations, you need to prepare well by understanding the concepts of the exam and adopting the regular practice sessions.


We have compiled these Solutions which are prepared after considering the latest official syllabus of the Karnataka Board. You will find all the questions-answers of the Science Part -II textbook in a concise and well-organized manner. You can take the help of these Solutions without incurring any cost for the same.