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It may take a long time for oppression to be resisted, but the seeds of rebellion are sowed early in life. Do you agree that injustice in any form cannot escape being noticed even by children?

Answer :

The world is full of inequality. Inequalities give birth to oppression and suppression. Operation and exploitation never go unchallenged. The seeds of rebellion are generally Sown early in life. Innocent looking children have their own understanding of the world and its people.

Zitkala-Sa realise as soon as she entered the school run by the whites that they meant to change her into a different person then she had before Been raised to be. She wants to have long and heavy hair, it is the tradition of a community. Only coward have shingled hair among them. She fights tell she is overpowered.

Bama on the other hand has a first-hand experience of untouchability in India. The people of high’ castes don't consider the low’ castes even As human beings. She had seen an elder humiliated by a landlord on a street and this impacted her deeply. She is inspired by her brother and Now works hard and stands first in her class.

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