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I have also done house hold chores many times though I hate doing them. I have done them because in this way I could help my mother who does many. By doing some of the difficult house hold chores, I help my mother in taking little breaks from work and let her body and mind relax for a while. And I also get to learn the ways of doing work perfectly and on time. This makes me independent.


1) You may say, “I have not developed a liking for homework even after years of school life”.

Your partner may reply, “But it helps in fetching good marks as well”.

2) You may say, “The very idea of completing homework daily is not appealing to me at all”.

Your friend may reply, “Homework is actually a boon for students who are willing to work hard.”

3) You may say, “Not all the students have taste for burdensome homework”.

Your friend may reply, “When you have someone to assist, homework is not at all burdensome”.

4) You may say, “Teachers should not be keen on homework completion all the time as a base for judging student’s caliber.”

Your friend may reply, “But students should at least try to complete it. They may take the aid of teachers and elders too”.

5) You may say, “Students who do not finish their homework on time are not taken to of teachers usually.”

Your friend may reply, “Homework not only support timeliness in students but also inculcate the habit of self-studies too.”

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