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In the arrangements, A and B shown in Figure 4.7, pins P and Q are fixed to a metal loop and an iron rod with the help of wax. In which case are both the pins likely to fall at different times? Explain.

Answer :

In fig B, pins are likely to fall apart at a different time while in fig A, pins will nearly fall at the same time.

Heat travels in the solid by conduction, in fig B we see that point P is closer to heat and then point Q, so the heat that travels in the rod will reach P first and after some time it will reach point Q.

While in fig A, heat will reach the points P and Q simultaneously since both points are located at the same distance from burning candle.

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A circular metal loop is heated at point O as shown in Figure 4.6. Fig. 4.6

(i) In which direction would heat flow in the loop?

(ii) In which order the pins at points P, Q, and R fixed with the help of wax fall if points O, P, Q, and R are equidistant from each other?

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