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A Golden Opportunity to visit the Thar!

The Great Indian Desert situated in the state of Rajasthan is a large area full of sand. Being a natural border between India and Pakistan, it is located in the Northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent.

A desert full of sand dunes in all the four corners has its own beauty altogether. Full of Cactus plants and Camels, it is a place worth visiting which is the most densely populated desert in the world (83%).

Although reading in books and on the internet is quite interesting to know, the challenging life in such a scarce place with limited resources is very difficult. Watching the women carrying ‘matkas’ on their head in search of water as well as the kind of arid atmosphere of the entire place shows the beauty as well as the difficulties people living there encounter in their everyday chores.

NOTE – The above-given account of the Thar Desert is just an example. Students can make their piece of writing much more interesting by adding in their personal experiences of the same place or some other desert they have visited.

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